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The Knitting Group

Yeah, I know I'm a lazy bugger, & that it's been around six months since I posted anything on this blog. Yeah, & I know, deep down, that the only reason the blog exists is to entertain me, but still - 6 months? Way too long.
So this morning I thought I'd try to make amends & write something, something on what I've done or what I think.
My wife Pat belongs to a local knitting group - they get together every Thursday morning to talk about...what? Their knitting ostensibly, & apparently, sometimes they do discuss knitting. And I don't think I'd go so far as to compare this group with the sobriquet given to another craft club; this time a sewing group, often called "stitch & bitch" by those catty folk among us. Instead I'd call this little friendly gathering one given to "knitting & nattering" because of course, when people get together (and not just women) it's the nattering that provides the fun, held together b…

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